Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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There are many benefits of wood energy--benefits to the local economy, benefits to the environment and benefits to your pocket.

Benefits to the Local Economy
If we meet the national bioenergy targets set by government in 2007 up to 171 local people could be sustainably employed in the wood energy sector by 2020. Local jobs, based on our own natural resources, give us a more self-sufficient local economy. The total contribution of wood energy to the Clare economy by 2020 is estimated at 9.8m per annum.

Benefits for the Environment
Reducing our carbon footprint is becoming an important strategic goal for the commercial, industrial and public sectors. Wood fuel heating emits the least CO2 per unit of energy supplied of any energy technology. The financial value of CO2 savings by 2020 in Clare from using wood chip are conservatively estimated at 1.53m per annum.

Benefits to your pocket
Typically, wood chip fuel is 50% of the price of heating oil. Savings can be even more significant for large heat users in the commercial, industrial and public sectors. Wood chip heating is the lowest capital cost renewable energy technology to install per Kilowatt.




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