Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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Wood Energy is a new, sustainable, clean and efficient form of heating, and more importantly, a home grown renewable resource. Being a relatively new sector, there are plenty of questions to be asked by suppliers of wood chip and information for those using or interested in using Wood Energy which we provide here for you.

Wood Energy is a locally produced, renewable, environmentally sound means of heat generation through the use of wood chips. Wood chips are a solid fuel made from woody biomass. They are made in the process of wood chipping with a wood chipper.

They are used primarily as a heating fuel in the commercial and public sector heat markets and in some cases in Combined Heat and Power plants. The use of wood chips in automated heating systems is based on a mature technology that has been widely deployed for over 25 years.

Solid biomass is an attractive fuel for addressing the concerns of the energy crisis and climate change, since the fuel is affordable, widely available, clean burning, carbon neutral and sustainable. Also biomass does not have the waste disposal issues of coal and nuclear power, since wood ash can be used directly as a mineral-rich plant fertilizer.

Wood chips are less expensive and more sustainable than wood pellets because there are fewer requirements for manufacturing and processing.


The CCWEP is essentially a national pilot project. In order for others to continue to learn, the project itself must continue to develop. The actions above are designed to have impact well beyond 2008. In themselves, they will create the need for further consolidation and growth of the wood energy market.

Without the driving force of CCWEP, County Clare and Ireland will not be able to deliver on the ambitious targets set in the National Bioenergy Plan. The success of the wood energy sector is also likely to have a long-term positive impact on both afforestation and thinning targets.




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